Locanda ai Santi Apostoli

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Palazzo Michiel Dal Brusà is located at the end of Strada Nova and it's directly facing the Gran Canal from the opposite side to the world wide famous Rialto fish market.
Staying at Locanda Ai Santi Apostoli, you'll be in a privileged position and you'll learn something more about Venice, her fascinating history and how it has changed during the ages. Furthermore you will truly have a Palazzo “life style” experience, both because of its charming atmosphere and the particular partition of the floors.
Having the occasion to be here, you'll learn something new about Venice and the its people, with their creativity and their ability to adapt to the radical transformation happened during the life of this incredible city.



What Makes It Special Nowadays?

The shape and structure of the building shows in a very accurate way not just how it was in the XVIII century but also how the city has changed during the ages, trying to adjust to the new needs of the locals.
Like the other buildings overlooking the Gran Canal, at the ground floor you have 2 entrances, one facing the water and one on the walk-able street - in our case, Strada Nova.
In the beginning, the building was reachable only through its two precious water doors. They were used both for people and goods, loaded and unloaded directly from the boat on the house. At the end of the XIX, the population was quickly increasing and the need of more walk-able route was becoming a priority. The Strada Nova was built to pass through the Cannaregio district, arriving at Rialto bridge. That's when the second entrance to the building was created, allowing us today to reach the hotel on foot.
Nowadays, every floor of the building has a different purpose accordingly to the time changing.
At the ground floor we got deposits of a construction company, taking advance of the water doors -exactly like the old days! The first floor hosts exhibitions the all year, but it's specifically known for its design show linked to the famous La Biennale di Venezia. At the second floor you'll find a private apartment and some offices.
Our hotel is instead exclusively at the third floor, giving it the best view that the entire building can offer.

The Palazzo Experience

Spending your stay at Locanda Ai Santi Apostoli, you'll be in the very center of the island, giving that Rialto and Saint Mark's square are fairly close but also far enough for you not to be trapped into the wild crowd.
Cannaregio is lively district were a lot of locals still live, therefore you'll find plenty of shops, bars and restaurants.
Our building with its noteworthy architecture, its decorated features and its water doors is a true immersion in the Venetian vibe, a way to fill a gap between the Venice that was and the Venice that is today.
Coming back here after a long day exploring Venice, you'll truly feel attuned to the unique rhythm and color of the city.



2 days trip

Valid for our Family Suite

Booking 2 nights with us, you'll be welcomed with a bottle of Prosecco and the classic cicchetti, all served in the salon facing the Grand Canal.

Don't miss out on the Venetian aperitif and don't miss out on our view: be here to enjoy it in the most exclusive salon on town

3 days trip

Valid for our Comfort Double Room

Booking 3 nights with us, you'll be given a 10% discount code for a future reservation.
If you don't plan to come back soon, give it to someone else and he'll become our friend too.

At Locanda Ai Santi Apostoli, guests coming back or recommending us are the ones we treasure

Plus 3 days trip

Valid for our Superior Double Room with Grand Canal View

Booking more than 3 nights with us you'll be served a Venetian dinner in our salon:

Baccalà Mantecato&Octopus Salad
Risi&Bisi with Toasted King Prawns
Chocolate and Caramel Semifreddo
Water* Bottle of Prosecco * Bread * Coffee * Limoncello