Contrary to every other place in the world, Venice has two ways for you to explore the city: walking and sailing.
If you decide to do a little bit of both, you'll immediately realize how different a picture you'll get out of the two: there's not one better than the other, you simply want to try them all.
Admiring the beauties of the city from the water is not just a different experience, it's the best way to really lose yourself in the Venice feeling.
Due to our location, moving will be really easy: taxis can arrive directly at the building, the water bus is only one minute apart and the gondola spot is even closer than that.
Arriving and departuring from our Locanda will not only be incredibly convenient, but also truly enjoyable and charming.

Vaporetto - Water Bus

The service is very efficient and it manages to cover almost the entire city with its different lines, allowing you to reach almost any place in town.
Locanda Ai Santi Apostoli is only one minute from the stop Ca' D'Oro on the Gran Canal where you can take line 1 at any moment – day and night. The stop to go Murano, Burano and Torcello (Fondamenta Nove) is only ten minutes far on foot.
Coming and going from our hotel is easy and comfortable on foot and with the water bus too.
A bus is not always fun to ride but a bus on water is certainly a different story!
An orange gem resting on a blue glass plate:
it's Venice seen from above
Henry James

Private Water Taxi

Water taxi is a boat that can serve you as a conventional taxi would any place else.
In our one-of-a-kind situation, by using a water taxi you'll not only get the convenience to be picked up and brought anywhere, exactly as you please. You'll also have the special treat of a quite, intimate and slow tour in the city, especially when you're sailing the Gran Canal: the pictures you'll be taking are gonna be the most precious ones.
Be sure to take advantage of our location, book ahead your transfer and be dropped exactly at our Palazzo: a well deserved comfort for your well deserved holiday.


It really is reductive to define a gondola as a transportation service. That really is unfair because the gondola is the most iconic feature of our wonderful city.
What makes it so special?
Among many other reasons, it is the only boat allowed and able to go into small canals. No other way to see that side of Venice, expect the gondola ride. The best tour you can do is on the small canals and the gran canal as well. Booking with us, you can start it and end it from Santa Sofia Square, not even one minute from our gate.
Even if it is a very pricey service, it is also an unforgettable experience.
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