what can I do in 3 days?



The first afternoon you have in town, you should spend it walking our district of Canareggio, immersing yourself in one of the most authentic area in Venice. We've prepared a nice walk in the maze, discovering the main attractions. The highlights will be Ponte Chido, the famous Squero dei Muti, the Madonna dell'Orto church and the Jewish Ghetto. This stroll will take you a couple of hours, or a little more stopping here and there.
After dinner you can have the first look at Saint Mark's square, in one of the most suggestive (and quiet!) moments. You can come back on foot but it's also worthy to come back on the Vaporetto (water bus): I'll have the experience of the Gran Canal at night and that's priceless.
An orange gem resting on a blue glass plate:
it's Venice seen from above
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San Marco and much more!

The morning after you can start your day by using a gondola to cross the Grand Canal and reach the other side. On the Santa Sofia square, you can take this “special” gondola called Traghetto and experience something that locals do every day, in a very unique situation. If it's not Sunday or Monday, you'll arrive right in the center of the famous market, where fishes of all sorts, flowers, vegetable and fruit will welcome you in a very colorful and lively way. Right after, you can walk into the center of the island and reach the incredible Chiesa dei Frari. Well know all over the world for its important painting Assunta by Tiziano, this church s one of the most iconic example of the Venetian Gothic style developed in the Middle Ages. After the visit, walk back to bridge of Rialto, cross it and reach Saint Mark's square to enter the Basilica and the Dogi's Palace. This two astonishing attractions are unmissable, visiting them both will take you at least 3 hours but i's worth the price and time.
During the evening, if you haven't already planned a dinner, you can discover the osterie and bacari of Cannaregio: we've prepared for you a foodelicious tour, making sure you don't miss out on good food and wine! The area will surely offer something you'll love.
In the morning, if you got time before the departure, you can easily walk from our Locanda to the Accademia bridge, to expand your picture of Venice to new areas. Once you've cross it, you can walk until you find the Punta della Dogana, where the custom originally was: if your searching for the perfect picture to bring home, you'll certainly find it there! Coming back to the brige, you can now proceed and encounter two museum worth visiting: Guggenheim and Ca' Rezzonico. The first one hosts a magnificent collection of contemporary art and the building itself is quite remarkable, not without reason that use to be the Peggy adobe in Venice. Ca' Rezzonico on the other hand is the museum of the 18th century: one of the most through glimpse on the period.
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