Among the many museums and permanent expositions in town, one event that attracts people every year is the famous Venice Biennale, opening its doors to thousands of visitors from May to November, when it will close to get ready for the next year to come.
The two main themes are Figurative Arts and Architecture, alternating one year each, and are combined with a lot of events focused on Theater, Dance and Music exhibitions.
Events and expositions pop up in every corner of the town enriching your tour through the historical Venice.
This coming up event of 2019 will cover Art.

Its Fascinating History

So, every year, Art and Architecture alternate starting in May, up to November included therefore giving the Biennale name to an actually annual event. The Cultural Foundation La Biennale di Venezia, of course based in Venice, is considered the most important one in Italy regarding any type of Modern Arts. Born to represent an international Art platform for the city of Venice and the newly unified State of Italy, the very first Biennale dates back to 1895. To this day, it still actively promotes and fosters international contemporary new themes and trends. The idea originally came to a group of Venetian intellectuals led by Riccardo Selvatico, major of the city.
First editions took place in the district of Castello, close by to the famous Giardini (now called Giardini della Biennale) in a pavilion called Padiglione Centrale (also known as Padiglione Italia).
An orange gem resting on a blue glass plate:
it's Venice seen from above
Henry James

Its Fascinating History

In the beginning of the XX century, some other pavilion were built around the main one, thanks to some beautiful architect minds like Josef Hoffmann and Carlo Scarpa) trying to pay tribute to the whole wide architectural styles. In the 1930 La Biennale become an independent state entity devoted to promote the new artistic european trends. The 1980 was the year of the first architecture Biennale, with the opening of the new area of the Arsenale that from the very year is the second main location also for the figurative art exhibition.
If you don't have the time to visit he 2 locations (they're worthy but to really enjoy them you'll at least need one day each to really get the idea of the massive exhibit), you can still enjoy the satellites small pavilions scattered all over town: we'll be glad to show you where to find them!
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