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Let's Discover Venice

Our Locanda is located in one of the most entertaining and lively district in town. Cannaregio will offer you some beautiful churches, monuments and galleries along with some authentic osterie and plenty of shops. We prepared for you a walking tour through our favorite spots in the area. Completing it will take you a couple of hours, maybe more if you want to stop and relax here and there!  

Cannaregio Stroll

As you exit the Hotel, you're in the street called Strada Nova. Go to your left and walk until you pass the first bridge: as soon as you cross it, go right taking Fondamenta San Felice. Please keep in mind this particular definition. Fondamenta is a street category in the Venice vernacular and refers to those streets that have a Canal on one side and buildings on the other.
In about a minute you'll be at the end of this Fondamenta. On your right the Ponte Chiodo.
Now, this is one peculiar little bridge, famous for not having any side rails on it, unlike every single other bridge in Venice.
On your left instead, the street to walk. As you leave Ponte Chiodo behind you, cross another bridge and than take a turn right, leaving the big building (Scuola Grande della Misericordia) on the left.
An orange gem resting on a blue glass plate:
it's Venice seen from above
Henry James

Madonna dell'Orto and so on

As you cross the bridge in front of you, take a moment to appreciate the view around. It is indeed one interesting sight. The crossing of the canals, the palaces and the portico on the other side of the waters. The building you're at is the Chiesa dell’Abazia della Misericordia. On the left side of the church there's a walk-able portico. As you go through it, the continuation of the tour would take you to Corte Vecchia, a street that you'll briefly encounter on your right. Yet first, it would be interesting to just take a quick gander at the Squero dei Muti that is in front of you. Getting back a few meters, please take Corte Vecchia street. It will end shortly with a bridge, from which will be visible the Sacca Misericordia, offering you a very Venetian idea of what a ‘parking lot’ is in the Lagoon. Further away, are the cypresses of the San Michele island - the cemetery of Venice. So, leave the bridge behind you and walk on Fondamenta Contarini, in a minute encountering on you right the Church of Madonna dell'Orto.

Leaving the church behind you, cross the bridge until arriving in the little square Campo dei Mori. You'll see the three white statues on the left representing the Greek brothers Alfani, Sandi and Rioba (wich is the last one, in the very corner). They were merchants here of spices and silk from the Orient. Further on the left is also the actual house of the painter Tintorettoç the tallest standing edifice, with the beautiful three windowed balcony. Walk down through Calle Larga and than turn right for Fondamenta della Misericordia, letting the canal accompany you on your left. After the first bridge, you'll go through a short Portico as the street changes name into Fondamenta dei Ormesini. Go straight until reaching the building number 2804: you could stop here for a quick coffee at the Torrefazione Cannaregio. From there, you'll see two kiosks at the beginning of the dark-grey iron bridge right in front of you. Those were in the past used to control the confined Jewish area of the Ghetto, that in fact starts at the end of said bridge.
In and out fluxes of people are now of course far from being questioned, so feel free to cross the bridge and the Ghetto itself. If that interests you, in this very square, are the Synagogue and the Venetian Jewish Museum.
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